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Advanced REST APIs with Flask and Python


Coupon Udemy Free - Advanced REST APIs with Flask and Python, 
Take your REST APIs to a whole new level with this advanced Flask and Python course!
  • Created by Jose Salvatierra, Teclado by Jose Salvatierra
  • English

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What you'll learn

  • Integrate advanced functionality in your API such as image upload, payments, or user confirmation e-mails!
  • Bring your REST API development to a whole new level by getting familiar with more of the Flask ecosystem
  • Improve operations of existing REST APIs with database migrations and extensive refactoring knowledge
  • Easily deploy documentation pages and test your API with Postman's collection runner


Welcome to our Advanced REST API Course!
We created the most popular introductory REST API development course on Udemy, with over 4,000 reviews and 20,000 students. Now we want to help you get even farther with this Advanced REST API course, of course still using Flask and Python.
Our first course took you from zero to a deployed REST API that users could access. In this one we will cover a whole bunch of topics students have been requesting for months!
Topics covered
Use Marshmallow for data serialization and deserialization
Send e-mails and user confirmations
Upload images
Database migrations
Easy ways of writing documentation and testing your API
Handle payments using Stripe
Third party login using OAuth (GitHub is used as the example)
Extensive software development knowledge, refactoring, debugging, and more!
Use the latest technologies and the best practices. We teach everything using Python 3.7, the latest version.
Course structure
We’ll start with a simple REST API and teach you everything you need to know about it—so even if you’ve not taken our first course, you can follow along with absolutely no issues. We've even written an e-book to get you up to speed quickly with this starter REST API!
We introduce new features and technologies by baking them into this application so you can see how a professional REST API is developed. Every new feature is added to a fully working application and tested!
We’ll also help you understand more about how to build features incrementally to get them to your users quickly and minimise risk!
Extra resources
Many lectures contain extra resources, such as links to external documentation and projects, for you to go and learn more. And for each lecture, we include the source code at the start and at the end so you’ll never be lost. All source code is provided as downloadable and also in GitHub for your convenience.
We're always available to help in the Udemy Course Q&A and also our own student community Slack channel. Make use of these awesome resources!
Advanced course
Remember, this is our most advanced course yet! You should have enough programming experience with Python or another programming language. Some knowledge of how the web works is also really helpful.
You should have knowledge of how to install Python packages and how to run your Python applications. If you've used virtualenv or Pipenv before, that's excellent! Knowledge of PyCharm for debugging is also a plus, although we will cover using the debugger in the course!
Who this course is for:

Software developers working on a REST API who want to add advanced functionality to it
Backend developers interested in gaining knowledge of Flask and its ecosystem
Advanced developers of other programming languages who want to get up to speed quickly with Advanced REST API development in Python

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