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Django with React | An Ecommerce Website


Coupon Udemy Free - Django with React | An Ecommerce Website, 
Build an eCommerce platform from the ground up with React, Redux, Django & Postgres
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  • Created by Dennis Ivy, Brad Traversy
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Build an Ecommerce website using Django with React
  • Full featured shopping cart with PayPal & credit/debit payments
  • Product rating & review system
  • An actual real-world project built in a linear and progressive manner
  • Admin area to manage customers, products & orders
  • Product search, carousel, pagination & more


In this course, we will build a completely customized eCommerce / shopping cart application from scratch using Django & REACT with the following functionality...
Full featured shopping cart
Product reviews and ratings
Top products carousel
Product pagination
Product search feature
User profile with orders
Admin product management
Admin user management
Admin Order details page
Mark orders as delivered option
Checkout process (shipping, payment method, etc)
PayPal / credit card integration

This is not a documentation-type course. This is a jump in and get your hands dirty course where by the end, you have an actual real-world project to use and put on your portfolio. You will learn the following by completing this course..

React with Functional Components & Hooks
React router
React-Bootstrap UI library
How to structure components
Component level state & props
Managing global state with Redux (Actions & Reducers)
Using Redux state in components (useDispatch & useSelector)
Creating an extensive back end with Express
JWT authentication (JSON web tokens)
Custom error handler
Integrating the PayPal API
Project deployment
Much more!

This project is a collaboration with Brad Traversy where we will be taking his original MEARN Stack ecommerce course and building it out with a Django backend instead of Node, JS & Express. Brad & I decided it would be fun to remake the exact same project with a Django backend/API and connect it to the same React frontend/design.

My hope is that you learn how not to only build out this application but add on your own features to it. We learn best by building & customizing our own projects.
Who this course is for:

Django & or React JS developers looking to enhance there skills

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