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AWS AppSync & Amplify with React & GraphQL - Complete Guide


Coupon Udemy Free - AWS AppSync & Amplify with React & GraphQL - Complete Guide, 
Deploy a Serverless GraphQL & React JS based Javascript application in the AWS Cloud using AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify
  • Bestseller
  • Created by Stephane Maarek | AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Developer Associate, Paulo Dichone | Android, Java, Flutter Developer and Teacher
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Develop a production-ready serverless backend API powered by AWS AppSync and GraphQL that scales to MILLIONS of requests
  • Deploy a fully functional blogging application using the AWS Amplify framework (with comments and likes features!)
  • Learn how to develop Real-Time Subscriptions with AWS AppSync for real-time scalable updates for your web applications
  • Learn GraphQL, and how managed GraphQL works in AWS with AWS AppSync


Have you ever wondered how to create a production-ready backend API in AWS?
On top of it, what if it was all serverless and powered by GraphQL?
What if it could scale to millions of requests?
What if it was... easy!?
AWS AppSync & AWS Amplify is the BEST way to get started with deploying GraphQL based applications in the AWS Cloud, all without deploying any servers, that infinitely scale. Welcome to the great world of Serverless computing!
This course is fully hands-on, in which you'll get the chance to practice and learn:
GraphQL crash-course
How to deploy GraphQL based backends in AWS
How to develop your next-gen web application using the AWS Amplify framework & AWS AppSync
You will see how you can quickly build a secure, scalable, functional and real-time application in no-time!

Paulo Dichone is the instructor of this course. He is a Software Engineer, a teacher, and the author of highly rated Development courses on Udemy. He has already taught over 90,000 students online and received over 10,000 reviews. Students love his teaching methodology which is heavy on hands-on, project-based approach.

Section Outline:   
Section 1 – Course Introduction: Get an understand of the course objectives, how the course is structured, download the course code and get ready! 
Section 2 -What's AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify - Getting Started: Learn how AWS AppSync and AWS Amplify help us, developers, to build serverless's application in record time.
Section 3 - Install Development Tools - Setting up our development environment and Installing Development tools
Section 4 - Full Course on GraphQL and Fundamentals: Deep-dive into learning all you need to know about GraphQL and how to create your own GraphQL API's using Express and Node.JS.  This Section could be optional, but it's highly recommended that you at least skim through. 
Section 5 - The AWS AppSync Console - Build a full Serverless API using the AWS AppSync Console.  Master AppSync Console by building a simple API.
Section 6 - Real World AWS AppSync API Using Amplify CLI: Getting started building our front-end/Client app with React JS.  Build the AWS AppSync API using Amplify CLI.
Section 7 - Real World AWS AppSync, Amplify CLI and React JS: Kee building the front-end and back-end functionalities into the React JS App - Blop App.
Section 8 - AWS Amplify and the Auth Module - Adding Authentication to the front-end app.  Using Amazon Cognito to manage logins and users.
Section 9 - Editing And Deleting User's Posts - Allowing authorized users to delete and edit posts.
Section 10 - Creating Comments - Using GraphQL mutations to create comments for posts.
Section 11 - How to Renew an Expired  AWS AppSync API Key - Will show you how to renew your API Key that's expired after the 7-day active period ends.
Section 12 - Adding the LIKE functionality - Allowing users to like a post, and adding a more sophisticated User Interface to show all users who have liked a post.
Section 13 - Next Steps!
This Course Also Comes With:
Lifetime Access to All Future Updates
A responsive instructor in the Q&A Section
Links to interesting articles, and lots of good code to base your next template onto
Udemy Certificate of Completion Ready for Download
A 30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

This is the course that could change your AWS skills.  
Take the course now, completely risk-free!
Who this course is for:

Developers who want to learn about GraphQL & AWS AppSync
Developers who want to leverage the AWS Amplify Framework for their next application
Solutions Architect who need to understand the motivation behind AWS AppSync

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