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Cryptocurrency Basics and finding the next bitcoin

Coupon Udemy Free - Cryptocurrency Basics and finding the next bitcoin, Learn crypto fundamentals and learn how to research cryptocurrencies in less than 2 hours


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What you'll learn

  • Bitcoin Overview
  • Blockchain Basics
  • How to research altcoins to find the next million dollar cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Altcoin Basics


In less than 2 hours you will be able do your own investment research and confirm or reject all the Youtube/Twitter/Reddit analysis 
As of Feb 20, 2021 there are more or less 8500 different cryptocurrencies available to trade according to CoinMarketCap, the industry's leader in tracking Crypto prices and more are minted every day.
90%  of these cryptocurrencies will go to $0 as they did back in 2017-2018.  9.5% will be around struggling to survive and 0.5% of these cryptocurrencies will rise to become multibillion dollar Markets.
For a new investor in the crypto industry these numbers can be mind-blogging.
Rule #1 of investing: Don't invest in something you don't understand!!
Sure you can be lucky and catch the hype train and create some life-changing wealth but odds are you will not get off the train fast enough to avoid crashing. After 3+ years or investing in this volatile industry, I too forgot to get off the train before it crashes more than once but learnt my lesson and how to avoid this in the future. 
By enrolling to this course you will learn the business you are getting yourself into, the acronyms of crypto trading and how to take the emotion out of the equation when investing in the cryptocurrency. 
I will teach you how to identify and invest in that 0.5% of cryptocurrencies that will be around for the next decades and multiply your investment by investing in the correct altcoin

**Disclaimer: This course is for educational purposes and should not in any case be considered as financial advice 

Who this course is for:

Crypto Beginners
People who want to invest in the cryptocurrency
Altcoin investors
Blockchain enthousiasts

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