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Master NestJS - The JavaScript Node.js Framework


Coupon Udemy Free - Master NestJS - The JavaScript Node.js Framework, 
Learn to develop and test enterprise grade Node.js applications in TypeScript. Learn modern workflows using Docker.
  • New
  • Created by Piotr Jura
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Developing robust REST APIs
  • Enterprise Grade Node programming using Nest
  • Testing with Unit & End to End Tests
  • Robust Development Workflow using Docker
  • Using modern database abstraction (TypeORM)


NestJS is the best way to enter the world of JavaScript/TypeScript Node.js programming. It's an easy-to-learn and powerful framework. This course will guide you from the very basics into more advanced concepts, including:
Routing and controllers
Databases including TypeORM (Repository, Query Builder, Relations)
Using Docker in your local development workflow
Data validation and serialization
All about NestJS modules, Dependency Injection, and Providers
Configuring, logging, error handling
Authentication including Passport.js, Bcrypt
JSON Web Tokens (JWT) tokens explained, generation and usage
Authorization (making sure the user has privileges)
Using Postman (including collections, environments, automating Postman)
Unit testing
End to End testing (including connecting to a database)
The course comes with full source code included and available on GitHub at all times. Including a separate branch for every lecture with code changes.
I've made sure everything is as clear and simple as possible, so there are a lot of diagrams and visual aids included (and available for download too!).
Join the community in the Q&A forums and on our Discord channel - talk to other students, share your progress, questions and insights!
I made extra effort to organize the topics in a way that would make you enjoy the process of learning. The course is short and to the point but covers plenty of topics in surprising detail!
Who this course is for:

Intermediate JavaScript developers wanting to learn back end development
Node developers wanting to improve their productivity

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