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NodeJs A-Z | Basic - Advance | All About Javascript

Coupon Udemy Free - NodeJs A-Z | Basic - Advance | All About Javascript, API,MySQL,MongoDB,Socket Programming, PM2, Profiling, Performance Improvement ,Industry standards, server Deployment


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What you'll learn

  • ES6 standards
  • SQL(MySql) and NoSql (MongoDb) Databases with node js
  • ExpressJS Framework
  • Redis
  • Socket Programming
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • scheduling E-Mails
  • Profiling Node js App
  • Performance improvement
  • Industry standards and Industry Requirements
  • Server Side Caching Technique using Redis
  • Automation Testing of node js API
  • Deployment Of Node js Project
  • Process Manger (PM2) for node js Project Deployment
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Game Development


Hello Everyone,

        If you are looking for a complete node.js course then you are at the right place This course is designed to teach advanced node js concepts, but if you are not familiar with node js it's okay we are going to cover all basic concepts in this course. 

Course Content 
Basic of nodeJs
Asynchronous Programming
SQL (Mysql) and NoSQL (MongoDB)
API Development
Profiling NodeJs
Performance Optimization
Deployment of nodeJs project on server
Automation Testing of API
Socket Programming
Server Logs
Bonus lecture Redis Database with Node js
full node js course
And Many More .......

    In this course, you will learn everything from scratch from introduction to node js up to how to deploy your nodeJs application on the server.  we Are going to Cover SQL and NoSql databases in this project .this is gonna be an interesting journey we will learn what are those steps we need to take in order to avoid errors and also we will learn important concepts like how to profile applications, how to test APIs, and how to Find out performance bottleneck.

    Production bugs in any project are not less than a nightmare for any programmer. if you want to avoid production bugs you need to follow industry standards and that's exactly what we focused to do in this course. also, things like performance improvement and automation testing are mandatory and almost all big organizations follow this process to optimize applications and get better results. 
    Also, the Good Thing about this course is no advanced prior knowledge is required for course if you have basic knowledge about how javascript works you are good to go.
Who this course is for:

Professional JavaScript Developer
Backend Developers
Anybody who want Thrive in career and working on JavaScript
Anybody Who wants to level up their career they can join the course
If Some one wants to know how Chat applications,Games,Websites,Api works they can join course
Someone who wants to Become Full Fledged Node js DEV can join this course

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