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React Query: Server State Management in React

React Query: Server State Management in React - Mastering queries, mutations, integration with auth, testing and more!


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  • Created by Bonnie Schulkin
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • React Query queries, mutations, and cache control
  • Using React Query for pagination, infinite scroll, and optimistic updates
  • Integrating React Query with Authentication
  • Testing React Query


React Query has become the go-to solution for server state management in React apps, and for good reason! This smart, comprehensive solution makes it easy to keep your app up-to-date with data on the server.
This course starts with a simple app to learn the basics of React Query: 
loading and error states
React Query dev tools
pagination and pre-fetching
Then we take a detour with the Star Wars API to learn about Infinite Queries (getting more data just as the user has gotten near the end of the current data).
Finally, we work on a large, multi-component app to learn about the above in more detail, plus
centralizing loading and error handling
filtering data
integrating React Query with auth
ways to keep data up to date after mutations, including optimistic updates
testing React Query
Other notable course features:
pre-written projects to use as a backdrop for React Query, so there's no time wasted writing code not relevant to the course
ample opportunities to practice with periodic "code quizzes" to make sure you're understanding the concepts
visual models for complicated concepts to help understand all of the moving pieces
the major project is written in TypeScript
supportive instructor who loves engaging with students in Q&A
Come see what the hype is about, and improve your apps with simpler, more powerful server state management!
Who this course is for:

React developers who want to learn an efficient, powerful system for managing server state

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