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Complete Introduction to Microsoft Power BI [2021 Edition]

Complete Introduction to Microsoft Power BI [2021 Edition] - A comprehensive guide on how to import, transform & visualise data with Power BI, with practical exercises & case study.


  • Created by Ian Littlejohn
  • English [Auto], Italian [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Enjoy CLEAR and CONCISE step by step lessons from a best selling Udemy instructor in FULL HD 1080 P video
  • Learn to create POWERFUL reports and dashboards with Microsoft Power BI with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Gain valuable INSIGHT and INTELLIGENCE from your business and marketing data in a FRACTION of the time of traditional spreadsheets
  • PUBLISH reports and dashboards on the Internet and view using laptops, tablets or smartphones in minutes
  • Learn to create Data Models and use the DAX Formula language to develop POWERFUL calculations
  • Easily create a wide range of GRAPHS and VISUALISATIONS using drag and drop technologies
  • Use the Power BI Q & A feature to easily ask QUESTIONS of your data and provide new insight


If you are new to Power BI or want to fill in some gaps in your knowledge, THIS is the course for you.  We've focused on providing you with the fundamentals you need to work with Power BI effectively!
Don't sit through days of boring training to understand how Power BI works! This course will get you up to speed and working in half the time, giving you the crucial foundation to start you on the journey to becoming a Power BI expert. 
This course has been updated for 2021 in full HD video quality, so you will learn on the latest Power BI interface. Students who have taken this course have this to say:
"Amazing and captivating course! I have started it with a zero knowledge about Power BI. Now I feel very comfortable and knowledgeable to use it. Thank you for the great course. Highly recommended!"
"Best course content and trainer I have had. Can translate the new skills learnt directly into my role and elevate our business. Thank you"
"This was a very informative course even though I was already a user of Power BI and had followed another course previously. Enjoyed it and learnt a lot which will be useful in my day to day work! Thank you Ian :)"
Understand the flow of using Power BI, from connecting to various data sources, importing these into Power BI, transforming the data and then presenting it effectively
Learn how to use Power BI Desktop, Power BI Query Editor & the Power BI Service
Learn how to create relationships between related data sources
Learn how to build reports with various types of aggregations and filters
Learn about the various types of visualizations possible in Power BI and how to use them
Learn how to create interactive dashboards with drill throughs and relative date filters
Learn how to publish dashboards to the web and mobile app
Learn how to use themes and custom visualizations
Learn about DAX and how to use it to build measures
Learn how to work with Excel & Power BI to create a dynamic and effective business solution
Learn how to put this all into practice with a case study about the Corona Virus. 
You will need to have a PC/Windows laptop loaded with the latest version of Microsoft Power BI (available as a free download).  Note that Power BI does not currently run natively on a Mac.
Whilst this course is designed to cover Power BI from the ground up, some experience of working with data in Excel would be beneficial.
Ian Littlejohn has been a top-rated trainer on the Udemy platform for over 5 years and has more than 10 years' experience in training & management consulting.  He specialises in Data Analysis, covering Excel, Power BI, Google Data Studio and Amazon Quicksight. 
Ian has over 100,000 students and 50,000 reviews and an average course rating of over 4.5 out of 5.  He has a reputation for delivering excellent, logically structured courses which are easy to follow and get the point across without wasting learners' time. 
You can see all of Ian's other Data Analysis courses by searching for his name on Udemy. 
Learners buying this course get:
Full access to almost 7 hours of Full HD quality video
5 downloadable resources and 13 articles
Lifetime access
Money-back guarantee (see Udemy terms and Conditions)
Certificate of completion upon course conclusion
This course will take you from beginner to intermediate level.  Look out for Ian's follow on courses to take your skills onto the next level!
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Power BI Master Class-Data Models and DAX Formulas 2020
Power BI Master Class - Dashboards and Power BI Service 2020
Introduction to Data Analysis with Microsoft Power BI
We look forward to having you on the course!
Who this course is for:

All Excel users who work with data, reports or dashboards
All existing Business Intelligence developers and users
Anyone who wants to get an excellent foundation in how to use Power BI from beginner level

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