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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Unity 2021


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Unity 2021 - 
Learn the basics of the most used Artificial Intelligence techniques in videogame development.
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  • Created by Gianny Dantas
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Learn how to use Finite State Machine
  • Learn the basics of Behavior Trees
  • Learn how to implement the Astar Pathfinding Algorithm
  • Learn how to implement Sensors in your game
  • Learn how to create a GOAP System
  • Learn the basics about Flocking


Welcome to this Intermediate course designed for developers who want to learn the basics of the most Artificial Intelligence techniques. (Please see the Important Notes lecture on who this course is for before joining).
In this course we will learn how to implement some of the most popular AI techniques in Unity, we will learn how they work by creating a simple demo in each section.
Unity already comes with some packages that will let you add AI Agents to your games without any effort. We will go beyond with cool AI such as FSM, Behavior Trees, Sensors, Flocking, and a GOAP System.
If you are looking to expand your AI knowledge, enroll today and let's take a look at how these systems work.
Each section starts with an introduction video to understand how AI technique works and what you should consider when working with them, and you would have available Unity Packages to download so you can follow the course.
Bonus features you will get:
We will build a complete GOAP (Goal Oriented Action Planning) system that you can implement in your own games.
You will see 2 examples of how to work with Finite State Machines and the last version is the Pluggable AI System which you can use in your own games.
Who this course is for:

Intermediate developers in Unity
Developers with experience writing C#
Developers who wants to learn the basics of AI in Unity
Anyone curious about AI

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