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Learn Python the Smarter and Easier Way

Learn Python the Smarter and Easier Way - Become Python coder


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  • Created by Yasir Amir
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Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language. The design philosophy of Python emphasizes code readability and its uses significant indentation which is a characteristic feature. For small as well as large projects Python's language constructs and its object-oriented approach helps programmers write clear, logical code.
Don't forget that Python consistently ranks as one of the most popular programming languages.  According to Indeed Python is the second best-paid programming language, with only Ruby ahead.
You have come to the right place and this is great opportunity for you to begin your career in Python coding. This course is the starting point for you to begin your journey. This course is designed to help you even if you have no background in coding.
After completing this course you should have entry level Python coding skills. You will find it very easy to either keep learning Python on your own or do advanced Python courses which otherwise would be impossible for you. Remember, it all depends on practice and your efforts.
Course covers topics from:
numeric operations,
for loops,
while loops,
if else statements,
up to classes.
The course ends with a Quiz which you should be able to pass.
Good Luck.
Who this course is for:

beginner python coders, computer science and engineering students

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