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Python for Data Science Master Course (2021)


Python for Data Science Master Course (2021) - 
Level up in Data Science using Python, master Numpy, Pandas, Data Visualisation, Web Scraping, Automation, SQL & more!
  • Created by Mohit Uniyal, Coding Minutes
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Python fundamentals for beginners!
  • Learn to use Python for Data Science
  • Data Acquistion using Beautiful Soup, Scrapy
  • Automation using Selenium
  • Data Analysis using Numpy, Pandas, SQL
  • Data Visualisation using Seaborn, Matplotlib
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Building 5 projects using data science concepts


Are you ready to take the next leap in your journey to become a Data Scientist?

This hands-on course is designed for absolute beginners as well as for proficient programmers who want to use the Python for solving real life problems. You will learn how analyse data, make interesting data visualisations, drive insights, scrape web, automate boring tasks and working with databases using SQL.
Data Science has one of the most rewarding jobs of the 21st century and fortune-500 tech companies are spending heavily on data scientists! Data Science as a career is very rewarding and offers one of the highest salaries in the world. This course is designed for both beginners with some programming experience or experienced developers looking to enter the world of Data Science!
This comprehensive course is taught by Mohit Uniyal, who is a popular Data Science Bootcamp instructor in India and has taught thousands of students in several online and in-person courses over last 3+ years. This course is worth thousands of dollars, but Coding Minutes is providing you this course to you at a fraction of its original cost!  This is action oriented course, we not just delve into theory but focus on the practical aspects by building 5 projects. With over 150+ High Quality video lectures, easy to understand explanations and complete code repository this is one of the most detailed and robust course for learning data science.
The course starts with basics of Python and then diving deeper into data science topics! Here are some of the topics that you will learn in this course.
Programming with Python
Numeric Computation using NumPy
Data Analysis using Pandas
Data Visualisation using Matplotlib
Data Visualisation using Seaborn
Fetching data from Web API's
Data Acquisition
Web Scraping using Beautiful Soup
Building a Web Crawler using Scrapy
Automating boring stuff using Selenium
Language of Databases - SQL!
Introduction to Machine Learning
and much, much more!
Sign up for the course and take your first step towards becoming a data science engineer! See you in the course!
Who this course is for:

Beginner Python developers curious about data science
Working professionals with no prior experience in data science
College graduates pursuing Master's or Ph.d in Machine Learning /Data Science
Developers looking forward to build a career in data science

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