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Python for Kids - Age 8 to 10

Python for Kids - Age 8 to 10 - Learn Python Programming in just 12 Sessions with the help of Videos, Textual Description, Code Samples and Assignments


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  • Created by Sunil Nair, Sunil Nair
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The number 12 represents perfection, entirety, or cosmic order. 12 Sessions totalling 12 hours is what a child requires to learn a programming language.
Join me in this exciting course on Python Programming for kids aged 8 to 10. The course has been well-researched and specifically designed to cater to the learning needs of kids between the ages of 8 to 10.  The instructional videos and text material have incorporated using simple English with terms that are easy to follow for young learners.
Kindly note that this course is intended for purchase by adults only.
Course Pre-requisites
Basic keyboard typing skills
Basic reading and comprehension skills
Course Curriculum
Variables and Functions
Strings and Numbers
If Statements
Random is Fun
Loops - For and While
Infinite Loop
Build Custom Functions
What this course contains
Easy to follow instructional videos that even an 8-year-old can follow
12 Chapters with both Instructional Videos and Textual Material containing high-quality illustrations
26 Python Code Samples
28 Assignments
Software to Install
To begin with, you may use the Free Online Code editor available in the Resource section of each chapter
For additional practice, we recommend installing Mu: a simple Python editor for beginners
Guaranteed Course Outcome
Understanding of Programming Concepts using Real-World Examples.
Promotes Creative Thinking and encourage the real-world application of coding skills
The ability for kids to build applications
The Apps kids will build through this course
With a total of 26 Code Samples and 28 Assignments, kids will attain the skills to build a wide selection of programs. The most notable ones are listed below:
MadLibs - Word Game
Virtual Wardrobe Planner
Match Roster Generator
Guessing Number Game
Multiplication Table Generator
Number Divisibility
Even and Odd Number Extraction
The ATM Replica
Automated Dice Roll
Shopping List
Can Parents teach this course to kids?
For parents wanting to teach Coding to their kids, this course will serve as an ideal tool.
Can kids older than 10 learn this course?
Math is taught in every grade in school, the base concepts remain the same, but the complexity increases with every grade. The same learning progression can be achieved with programming languages for children. This course has been specifically designed to cater to the learning needs of children of age 8 to 10.
Who this course is for:

Kids aged 8 to 10
Parents willing to teach their young children coding
Teachers willing to teach coding to young children

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