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SQL for Tech and Data Science Interviews

SQL for Tech and Data Science Interviews - Do you want to ace your SQL tech or data science interview? This Is the perfect resource for you!


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  • Created by 365 Careers, Tina Huang
  • English [Auto]

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What you'll learn

  • Build a winning strategy for the tech/data science interview
  • How to focus on mock interviews
  • A guided walkthrough to a set of interview questions
  • Work on your communication skills and interview style
  • Tina’s 5-step framework to acing your SQL interview
  • Know what SQL interviewers want to hear from you
  • Anticipate follow-up questions
  • Be able to demonstrate how you think and reason
  • Reduce interview stress by doing the 10 mock interviews provided in the course


You want to make sure you are ready for your tech/data science interview?
Do you want to learn from an instructor who works for one of the FAANG companies?
Great! Perhaps it was chance that brought you here, but now that you have found this resource, you are a step closer to building a deliberate strategy. You will learn how to focus on doing mock interviews with real interview questions and in a real interview style.
Please bear in mind that this is not an Intro to SQL course that goes in depth about every single concept and function available for you to work with. Instead, this is a resource that will help you ace the job interview and get hired, provided that you have already learned the SQL basics.
If you are looking for a guided walkthrough and coaching through 10 mock interviews – this is the right course for you.
Tina’s 5-step framework will prepare you to tackle any SQL interview question. You will find out what interviewers want to hear from you. Learning how to interact with them is a fundamental skill you will need to master. Oftentimes, potential employers will challenge your assumptions and ask for your thoughts simply because they want to see how you deal with unexpected situations and challenges. You must find a way to keep the conversation going and know how to shrug off any mistakes you make throughout the interview!
The goal of this course is for you to have done the SQL interview at least 10 times – so, when the real interview comes, it just feels like another practice round.
About the author: Tina Huang is a data scientist at one of the FAANG companies. She is also a popular YouTuber with over 60k subscribers. Tina is proud she taught herself SQL from scratch in 11 days to pass her FAANG SQL interview.
This course is one of the best resources you can choose to prepare yourself for the SQL interview you need, to land a job in tech and data science!
Who this course is for:

Aspiring data scientists
Aspiring data analysts
Aspiring business intelligence analysts
Anyone who needs to get through a SQL interview to land their dream job

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