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Java Interview Help


Java Interview Help - 
Quickly review java, spring boot, micro services, rest, devops and cloud for java interviews
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  • Created by Bharath Thippireddy
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Sample of the reviews:
It looks really helpful, I will surely use those templates to showcase my own. I came here for java interview question but you reminded me that presentation skills are very imp to grab and opportunity and showcase the experience. Thanks a lot! - Hrishikesh Raverkar
So far the Best Java Web Dev Interview Prep course available on udemy! - Parth
All source code is available for download
Responsive Instructor - All questions answered within 24 hours
Professional video and audio recordings (check the free previews)
If you are a Java Developer preparing for an interview then this course is for you.This course is for students who have taken my java courses  or any junior, mid level or senior java developers who want to crack java interviews.

Talking about You and Your project
Tell us about yourself
About Me Preparation Template
Your recent project
Common Core Java interview Questions
What are the important components of java
What are constructors
equals method vs == operator
final finally and finalize
What are generics

What are the different collection Types
ArrayList vs LinkList
Vector vs ArrayList
HashMap vs LinkedHashmap
Failfast vs Failsafe Iterators
How to create a Generic Class
Producer Consumer Pattern
Comparable vs Comparator
What are concurrent collections

Multi Threading
How to create threads
What is Synchronization
What are class level locks
What are synchronized blocks
How do threads Communicate

Java 8
What is a Lambda
What are Functional Interface
What is the Use Lambda
What is a Predicate
What are Predicate Joins
What is a Function
What are Default methods on interfaces
How to use Stream Filter
Other Methods on Stream
Map vs Filter

Java 9
What are private methods in interfaces
What are Immutable Collections
Stream API Updates
Enhancements to try with resource

Java 10
What is var
Collectors API updates

Java 11
String API Updates
File API Updates
isEmpty method

Java 12
String API Updates
Compact Number Format
More Unicode Chars
Collectors API updates

Java 13 and 14 Features
What is instanceof Pattern Matching
What is a Record
What are Helpful NullPointerExceptions
What are Switch Expressions

Java 15 Features
What are Sealed Classes
Record Enhancements

Spring Boot
What is Dependency Injection and IOC
What are the Spring Bean Scopes
Prototype in Singleton
What are HTTP Scopes
What are the Problems with traditional spring
Why use Spring Boot
What is @SpringBootApplication
What is @SpringBootTest

Spring Data JPA and Hibernate
What is Spring Data JPA
How to use Spring Data JPA
Create Coupon Service Data Access Layer
Create Product Service Data Access Layer
What are the different Entity Object States
Wha are various JPA Associations
What is Cascading
What is Lazy Loading
What are two levels of caching
How to configure Second Level Cache

What is AOP
Wha is the AOP Terminology

Transaction Management
What is a Transaction
What are transaction ACID Properties
What are Distributed Transactions
What are the Transaction Isolation Levels
What is Optimistic vs Pessimistic Locking

Micro Services
What is a Monolithic Application
What are Microservices
Why Microservices
REST vs Messaging

What is REST
How did you create REST API
Create Coupon Service REST API
Create Product Service REST API
Use RestTemplate
Test End To End
What are Spring Boot Profiles

SOAP Webservices
What is SOAP
What are the Java EE Web Service Standards
What are the Two Types of SOAP Design
What is WSDL
What is the WSDL Structure
What is the Top Down approach
What is the Bottom Up Design
What is a SOAP Client
What is MTOM

What are the Components of Spring Security
How did you secure your REST APIs
What is OAuth
What are the Key Components in OAuth
What is the OAuth Workflow
What are the OAuth Grant Types
What are the Different Grant Types
What is JWT
Hot to configure JWT
How to rotate tokens
How to use Tokens with Frontends
What is CSRF
How to prevent CSRFs
What is CORS

Java Messaging Service
What is messaging
Why Messaging
What is JMS
What is the KEY JMS API
Two Types of messaging
JMS Transactions
What is Message Grouping

What is. a MDB
Design Patterns
What are the Design Patterns you have used
What are Singleton Best Practices

Wha is Unit Testing
What is Mocking
What are the various Testing Tools you have used
What are the important JUnit 5 and Mockito annotations

Continuous Integration vs Delivery vs Deployment
What is Jenkins
How to create a Jenkinsfile
What are the Steps to automate a deployment
How to passParams and Inputs to Jenkins Build

Build Tools
What the different Maven Scopes
snapshots vs release
How to Control Dependencies
How to Override a Transitive Dependency Version

What is Containerization
What is Docker
What are the Docker Components and Workflow
Why Docker
What are some of the Docker Commands you have used
What are Docker Volumes
Volumes vs Bind Mounts
How did you dockerize your application
What is docker compose

What is Container Orchestration
What is Kubernetes
What is a Pod
What is a ReplicaSet
What is a Deployment
What is a Service
What are different Service Types
What are Namespaces
Explain Kubenetes Architecture
Volumes vs PV
What are PV and PVC
How to use a PVC
What are Config Maps and Secrets

What are Regions Zones and Edge Locations
What is EC2
What is a AMI
What are Spot Instances
Public vs Elastic IP
What are EC2 instance States
How to Connect to a linux instance
How to Secure Ec2 instance
How to do Load Balancing
How to use Auto Scaling
Create custom user
What is SNS
How to Send Notifications
What is Cloudwatch
S3 vs EBS vs EFS
What are the S3 Storage Classes
What is CloudFormation
RDS vs DynamoDB
What is Serverless
What is AWS Lambda

Spring Cloud
What is Spring Cloud
What is Service Registration and Discovery
How to use Eureka Server
How to do Client side Load Balancing
What is API Gateway
How to use API Gateway
What are Sleuth and Zipkin

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have completed my java courses
  • Any Java Developer preparing for interviews
  • Developers taking up Client Interviews

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