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Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization


Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization - 
Become an expert in Multithreading, Concurrency & Parallel programming in Java, with strong emphasis on high performance
  • Bestseller
  • Created by Michael Pogrebinsky
  • English

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If you had your own jet plane, would you drive it to the grocery store, or fly it on a tour around the world?
Today every computer and phone comes with immense computing power and multiple cores that allow for full parallelism. In this course you will go on a journey to learn all the fundamental tools you need to become a confident and successful multithreaded application developer. Using multithreading and concurrency we will learn to get the most out of our computer to truly make it fly!
Teaching Philosophy
The course is designed to teach you "how to fish". Instead of memorizing classes, libraries or Java APIs, we will learn the fundamentals of multithreaded programming, starting from the complete basics, all the way to the very advanced topics in multithreading.
All lectures include the right theory and are accompanied by practical examples from relevant fields such as:
User Interface applications 
Image Processing
Web Applications
Computational programs
And others
It's a practical course that is meant to save you time. Instead of filling hours of material, I hand picked the most important topics based on my practical experience.
Target Student for this Course
Students who already have some experience and basic knowledge in programming in Java.
Students who want to acquire multithreaded, parallel programming and concurrency skills, in a short period of time.
Students who are interested in performance optimizations and getting good foundation in the above mentioned topics. 
Students who want to take their career to the next level. Whether you are a
Newly graduate and you're looking to land a dream job.
A professional engineer who wants to become a better programmer and improve your skillset.
A freelancer who wants to develop his/her own project and is looking to learn how to write efficient multithreaded code. 
Then this course is for YOU!
Short Bio
My passion towards multithreading and concurrency started in college where I worked on a highly scalable, distributed, B+ Tree research project, sponsored by IBM.
Later I worked as a Computer Architecture Engineer at Intel Corporation and as a Software Engineer in other companies where I developed many applications and features involving efficient and optimized multithreaded code to deliver real time video, audio and data - in education, healthcare, augmented reality and Ad Tech.
Today I am a Principal Software Engineer and Software Architect. Training and mentoring engineers on all levels is both my job and my passion.
We will learn
Operating Systems fundamentals and motivation for multithreading and concurrency.
The basics of multithreading - how to create threads in Java as well as communicate between threads in Java.
Performance considerations and design patterns of multithreaded  and parallel applications. Optimizing for latency or throughput.
Data sharing between threads in Java. All the pitfalls and challenges as well as the solutions and best practices.
Advanced lock-free algorithms and data structures for increased responsiveness and performance.
By the End of the Course
You will be able to
Write correct, responsive, and performant multithreaded applications in Java, for any purpose and scale.
Apply best practices to architect multithreaded applications, algorithms and libraries.
Become knowledgable in concurrency & parallel programming, which will help you in job interviews, in your daily work as an engineer, as well as in your personal projects.
Become an expert in Java Multithreading, Concurrency and Performance optimization today!

- "Will the course help me with interview questions?"
Yes! The course is focused on helping you become proficient in multithreading and concurrency in general, and also master multithreading in Java in particular. You will learn all you need about threads in Java as well as common topics in interview questions involving locking, synchronization in Java, heap and stack memory organization and so on. Although the course is not focused on interview questions specifically, and there's no way to predict what you will be asked during an interview question, the knowledge you will get will definitely set you apart from other candidates.

- "Does the course cover all threading classes and APIs in Java?"
"No. There are many books and expensive academic courses which cover EVERY single class and API which would take months to finish. In addition, Oracle provides excellent Java Docs that cover and explain every single Java multithreading API and class. 
This course is different! 
Based on years of experience in the field, I have carefully designed a short curriculum that teaches you all the essentials in a short amount of time. 
No fillers! No more wasting time learning things you could read yourself in 5 minutes or don't ever need!
This course will build the foundation for you to become an expert in multithreading and concurrency. And also be able to successfully and easily, extend your own knowledge in the future. 
- "What if I don't understand something during the course and I have a question, what do I do?"
Not a problem! I am here to help you succeed! Multithreading, is not an easy topic and no one is expected to get it all, right away. Each lecture has a Q&A section where students can ask questions about the lecture or any follow-up questions about the topic in general. I (the instructor) will answer all the questions in a timely manner and make sure you have all the tools for success.

- "Does the course cover interprocess communication and distributed Systems?"
No. Although those are really interesting and important topics that involve concurrency. They are not directly related to Java multithreading, which is the main topic of the course. We do mention those topics during the course but they are out of scope and deserve their own course. The  concepts, use-cases and challenges are very different than the ones we encounter while optimizing the performance of a single multithreaded Java application, algorithm or library, so we will not cover them here.

- "Why do I need a separate course for concurrent programming?"

Concurrent programming is fundamentally different than the transitional sequential programming. As in every engineering decision, there's always a tradeoff. Parallel and Concurrent programming can have tremendous positive impact on the application's performance and responsiveness but is a lot harder to get it right. In this course we will learn all the caveats, techniques and best practices to get the most out of multithreaded applications in Java.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn multithreaded programming and concurrency
  • Students who want to produce the highest quality and highest performance software
  • Engineers who want to take their professional career to new level, and become true experts
  • College students and newly graduates, who want to stand out from the crowd, and land their dream job

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