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R Programming: Advanced Analytics In R For Data Science

R Programming: Advanced Analytics In R For Data Science - Take Your R & R Studio Skills To The Next Level. Data Analytics, Data Science, Statistical Analysis in Business, GGPlot2


  • Created by Kirill Eremenko, Ligency Team
  • English, French [Auto]

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Ready to take your R Programming skills to the next level?
Want to truly become proficient at Data Science and Analytics with R?
This course is for you!
Professional R Video training, unique datasets designed with years of industry experience in mind, engaging exercises that are both fun and also give you a taste for Analytics of the REAL WORLD.
In this course you will learn:
How to prepare data for analysis in R
How to perform the median imputation method in R
How to work with date-times in R
What Lists are and how to use them
What the Apply family of functions is
How to use apply(), lapply() and sapply() instead of loops
How to nest your own functions within apply-type functions
How to nest apply(), lapply() and sapply() functions within each other
And much, much more!
The more you learn the better you will get. After every module you will already have a strong set of skills to take with you into your Data Science career.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who has basic R knowledge and would like to take their skills to the next level
  • Anybody who has already completed the R Programming A-Z course
  • This course is NOT for complete beginners in R

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