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Design and Analysis of an Algorithm

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Design and Analysis of an Algorithm - 
In a smart way

  • Created by Monesh Venkul Vommi, Hemanth Yeluru
  • English [Auto]

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This course DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHMS is very useful to design a programming code in a smart and easy way....
And this is not a tough course ofcourse little bit of hardwork and interest towards the course will make a expert in this course.... All you need is just to join your hands with me....i wont break your trust ....i will give my best to give you best content ....i will take many references for giving the best content to you.....this course is very intresting one that deals with every topic in the entire computer science and that may help you give a perfect grip the entire computer science... this entire course outcomes is
To analyze performance of algorithms. 2 To choose the appropriate data structure and algorithm design method for a specified application. 3 To understand how the choice of data structures and algorithm design methods impacts the performance of programs. 4 To solve problems using algorithm design methods such as the greedy method, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, backtracking and branch and bound. 5 To understand the differences between tractable and intractable problems.
Ability to analyze the performance of algorithms.
Ability to choose appropriate algorithm design techniques for solving problems
Ability to understand how the choice of data structures and the algorithm design methods impact the performance of program
Who this course is for:

  • Computer science students, Programmers and Any of the Students who are willing to learn the computers

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