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Ultimate Google Cloud Certifications: All in one Bundle (4)

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Ultimate Google Cloud Certifications: All in one Bundle (4) - 
275,000+ GCP Students, 500+ Questions - Associate Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Network Engineer
  • Created by Google Cloud Platform Gurus !
  • English [Auto]

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Hi Cloud Professionals

We have 405,000+ Students & 280,000 Unique students for Google Cloud Platform Certifications makes us "No 1 Trainer for Google Cloud Platform on Udemy" 
27800+ Students informed us that they got certifications with our courses.

Did you know 85% of global IT professionals hold at least one certification, of which over half were earned in the past 12 months? Another 66% plan to attain a new certification this year. These findings are published in the Global Knowledge 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report.

Please check lecture 2 for Google cloud platform certification future promotions subscriptions!
You always have Free $300 Credit for Google Cloud Platform
This course is not for Lazy learners - The course has comprehensive coverage of Google Cloud Platform and students need very long focus/attention to complete.
The course does not assume you have knowledge of Google Cloud Platform or any cloud Platform. We cover almost everything on GCP to become "Hero" from whatever your current GCP understanding (it may be Zero or Beginning or Intermediate)

Advance Students - Joining this course only for certification -> Please at least run through the foundation section once for you to understand the certification syllabus.

Why waste time learning the same foundation concepts again and again for each certification around the same technology. This course divided into the section where you learn all concepts in one course and then focus individually on each certification - Incrementally.    
Why Pay for Every Certifications course and some times you don't even appear for certification. This course will help you to pay only once and plan for any certification on Google Cloud Platform.   

Single Course FULLY Prepares you for all FOUR certifications below ->
Associate Cloud Engineer
Professional Cloud Architect
Professional Cloud Developer 
Professional Cloud Network Engineer - in Beta
Professional Cloud Data Engineer  - Not yet covered.
Professional DevOps Engineer - Not yet covered
Professional Security Engineer - Not yet covered

Each Certification
> 100 % Coverage for Certification.
> Section by Section mapping syllabus (after foundation) so that you don't have to hunt for any other options for syllabus coverage 
> One Practice Question set for each Certification - Besides Google Readiness Test
> Labs will help you understand each service in detail.

Time is Money nowadays - We all want to optimize our time to learn new things and add it in our profile in a smart way. This course will take out duplicate learning work which you may need to do if you are planning for more than 1 certification on Google Cloud Platform.

Each Certification gives an additional dimension about Google Cloud Platform and this Course committed to giving you will give you 360 view of Google Cloud platform so - you don't have to refer to any other course.

Thank You for your time and stay connected!

Happy Learning !!

Google Cloud Gurus
Seattle, WA USA 
Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to learn Google Cloud Platform.
  • Students preparing for Google Cloud Certification
  • Students who wants to become master in Google Cloud Platform.

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