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NodeJs: Build The Complete E-Commerce Web API [2021]

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NodeJs: Build The Complete E-Commerce Web API [2021] - 
With Express and MongoDB Cloud Version (Atlas), Build a Full E-Shop from Setup to Production
  • Created by Fadi Nouh, Tiago Pereira
  • English [Auto]

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What is Node.js?
Node.js, or Node, is a runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside of a browser. It is ideal for building highly-scalable, data-intensive backend services (APIs) that power your client’s apps (web or mobile apps).
Why Should learn Node?
Node is great for prototyping and agile development as well as building super fast and highly scalable apps; Companies like Uber and PayPal use Node in production to build applications because it requires fewer people and less code. Plus, Node has the largest ecosystem of open-source library, so you don’t have to build everything from scratch.
You learn in this course how to use mongoDb without any installing extra tools, MongoDB is now on cloud, so you will store your database in safe place!
This is not a reading documentation course. You have here a real-world project to learn from, and you will see the exact place of every feature of every technology used in this course.
What you’ll get when you sign up for this course:
5 hours of HD videos, complete with exercises and solutions

A real-world project: you'll build the back-end for a E-Shop, not a dummy to-do app!
No more wasted time on lengthy courses or out-of-date tutorials
Up-to-date and practical information and solutions (no fluff!)
The opportunity to learn at your own pace - lifetime access - so take your time if you prefer
Expert tips to become a Node rockstar
The best practices and common pitfalls to avoid
Watch on any device

Certificate of completion to present to your employer

You’ll learn to:
Confidently build RESTful services (APIs) using Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB Atlas
Employ the best practices for Node.js
Avoid common mistakes

What we’ll cover:
Node module system
Node Package Manager (NPM)
Asynchronous JavaScript
Useful ES6+ features
Implementing CRUD operations
Storing complex data in MongoDB
Data Validation
Authentication and authorization
User Roles
Handling and logging errors the right way
soon : Deployment

This course is including the building of the Backend API and all operations on the database, we are not doing frontend here
Checkout my other courses to connect this API's and build frontend of the E-Shop with frontend technologies 
This course is for you if:
You’re a back-end developer and want to add new technology to your stack.
You’re a front-end developer and want to transition to full-stack development.
You’ve tried other Node.js tutorials and found them to be too slow, out-of-date, and boring!
Having Node.js on your resume helps you find more jobs and make more money.

And not only this, you will have optional tasks to do and we can review them for you! Just pick up one task from the board and create the pull request to get the review, to be like in a real world experience!

Who this course is for:

You’re a backend developer familiar with backend development
You’re a front-end developer and want to transition to full-stack development.
Having Node on your resume helps you find more jobs and make more money.
Having a big API project to add to your profile

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