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Learn Laravel 7 along with REST API & Livewire

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Learn Laravel 7 along with REST API & Livewire

Learn Laravel 7 along with REST API & Livewire - 
Build Projects & learn Basic to Advanced Topics with Upgrade Guide to Laravel 8. REST API & TALL Stack using Jestream
  • Created by Saurabh Mahajan
  • English [Auto]

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Update: As Laravel 8 was release on Sep 8th 2020, the Course has been updated accordingly to use the Latest Version. The Course also includes the Section as to how to Update from Laravel 7 to Laravel 8 including using Models Directory & Model Factories.  
This is a comprehensive Course which uses the Latest Version of Laravel and is up to date with the current documentation, so that you are not left behind figuring the correct documentation yourself.
You will not only be able to Learn Laravel but the course will also cover how to create REST API using Laravel along with creating a SPA using Vue and Tailwind CSS. We will also learn about Livewire.
The Course is currently divided into 10 Sections. In the first section, we will build a CRUD Application which will help you understand the basics of Laravel. If you are new to Laravel and looking to get started on it, then this Section is for you. Some of the topics that we will cover in the initial section include:
Blade Templates
Eloquent Models
Form Requests
Gates & Policies
Artisan CLI
In the 2nd section,  we will enhance our CRUD Application. This Section covers topics which involves topics which are just a bit more advanced than basics, but are useful in any Web Application like Sending Email, Uploading File etc. In doing so we will cover following topics:
Customizing Route Model Binding
Mutators & Accessors
File Upload
Events & Listeners
Soft Deletes
Admin Namespacing and Routing
Creating our own Middleware
Eloquent Relationships
In Section 3, we see how we can update our Laravel Project to the latest version using composer.json. We update our Project from Version 7 to Version 8 as well as update all the dependencies. We also cover new Features like Model Factories, Model Directories and other changes that we need to be aware of.
In Section 4, we look at some of the Features which can be considered advanced and learning them would take your knowledge to the next level. If you are working on an enterprise level Project, you are likely to use these features.
Carbon Package
Model Events
Console Command
Local Scope
Service Container
In Section 5, 6 & 7 we see how we can implement REST API. Laravel is used exclusively as backend to create REST API. In this Section, we will cover from scratch all the things that you need to implement REST API. Some of the Topics that we will cover are:
Authentication using Sanctum API
Cover all Types of HTTP Endpoints
Resource & Resource Collection
Test Endpoints using Postman
Advance Resource Options
File Upload using API
Rate Limit
In the Section 8, we will see how to setup a Single Page Application (SPA) using Vue 3 and Tailwind CSS. We will be using the same REST API that we created in our previous section. The Section will only cover Authentication using Sanctum.
In the Section 9, we will learn about Livewire. Livewire has gained extremely popular recently and it allows you to interaction between the Frontend and Backend without using any JS Code. So in this Section we look at the basics of Livewire. Some of the topics that we will cover are:
Installing & Setting Up of Livewire
Livewire Components
Livewire Properties
Computed Properties
Full Page Component
Redirection & Flash Messages
In Section 10, we will build a Project using TALL Stack (Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS, Livewire and Laravel) using Jetstream. We will implement following functionalities:
AJAX Pagination
AJAX Filtering
AJAX Search
AJAX Sorting
AJAX Add using Modal
AJAX Edit using Modal
AJAX Delete using Confirmation Modal
AJAX Validation
Real World Examples are followed while explaining these concepts so that you can easily related to them. LIVE Project is being built so that you can follow the thought process and learn the best practices.
Who this course is for:

PHP Developer looking to Learn Laravel

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