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NestJS: The Complete Developer's Guide

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NestJS: The Complete Developer's Guide - 
Build full featured backend APIs incredibly quickly with Nest, TypeORM, and Typescript. Includes testing and deployment!
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  • Created by Stephen Grider
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Authentication/Authorization? Covered.  Automated Testing? Yep, it's here!  Production Deployment? Of course!
Congratulations! You've found the complete guide on how to build enterprise-ready apps with NestJS.
NestJS is a backend framework used to create scalable and reliable APIs.  It is a "battery-included" framework; it includes tools to handle just about every possible use case, from data persistence, to validation, to config management, to testing, and much, much more.  This course will help you master Nest. By the time you complete this course, you will have the confidence to build any app you can imagine.
Throughout this course you will build a series of apps with growing complexity.  We use as few libraries and tools as possible.  Instead, you will write many custom systems to better understand how every piece of Nest works together.  Each application you build includes discussion on data modeling and persistence. We will first save records in a simple file-based data store (built from scratch) and eventually work our way up to saving data in a production-grade Postgres instance.
Testing is a fundamental topic in Nest. A tremendous amount of functionality in Nest is dedicated to making sure your project is easy to test. This course follows Nest's testing recommendations, and you will write both integration and unit tests to ensure your project is working as expected. Although testing can sometimes be confusing and boring, I have put special care into making sure the tests we write are expressive, fast, and effective.  You will be able to use this knowledge on your own projects, even those that don't use Nest!
Typescript is used throughout this course to make sure we are writing clean and correct code. Don't know Typescript? Not a problem! A free appendix is included at the end of the course to get you up to speed on Typescript.  Once you're familiar with it, Typescript will help you catch errors and bugs in your code before you even run it.  If you've never used Typescript before you are in for a treat :)
Everything in this course is designed to make your learning process as easy as possible.
At every step, I will teach you what Nest is doing internally, and help you understand how to twist and bend Nest to better suit your application's needs. 
Every single video in the course has an attached ZIP file containing up-to-date code, just in case you ever get stuck.
Full-time teaching assistants are standing by to help answer your questions
Access private live chat server is included. Live help whenever you need it!
Here's a partial list of the topics included in this course:
Securely deploy your app to production
Write automated integration and unit tests to make sure your code is working
Build an authentication system from scratch to log users in
Allow users to perform certain actions with a permissions system
Store and retrieve data with complex queries using TypeORM
Understand how TypeORM handles data relationships
Write declarative code using property, method, and parameter decorators
Master the concept of dependency injection to write reusable code
Implement automatic validation of incoming requests
Format outgoing response data with a custom DTO system
Handle incoming requests and outgoing responses using Guards and Interceptors
Segment your code into reusable Nest Modules
Add structure to your database using migrations

I had a tough time learning NestJS.  There are a tremendous number of outdated tutorials around it, the documentation is sometimes unclear, and Nest itself is just plain hard to understand.  I made this course to save you time and money - a course to show you exactly what you need to know about every topic in Nest.  You will find learning Nest to be a delightful experience and pick up a tremendous amount of knowledge along the way.
Sign up today and join me in mastering NestJS!
Who this course is for:

Any engineer looking to build an API

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