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Build Your own Self Driving Car | Deep Learning, OpenCV, C++

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Build Your own Self Driving Car | Deep Learning, OpenCV, C++, 
Learn Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, Image Processing and Neural Networks (Machine Learning) for any Embedded IOT Project

  • Created by Rajandeep Singh
  • English [Auto]

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"Machine Learning will change the lives of all of us. What is Machine Learning? It’s behind what makes self-driving cars a reality"
This unique course is a complete walk-through process to Design, Build and Program a Embedded IOT Project (Self driving Car). Everything is discussed with details and clear explanation. Whole Project is divided into 2 parts.

(Course - 1)
1. Learn to design complete hardware for self driving car
   a. Learn to setup Master device ( Raspberry Pi ) for any project
   b. Learn to setup Slave device ( Arduino UNO ) for any project
  c. Learn to Establish Communication link between Master and Slave device
2. Learn Image Processing using OpenCV4
3. Learn to driver robot on road lanes

(Course - 2)
1. Learn Essentials of Machine Learning
2. Learn to train your own cascade classifier to detect Stop Sign, Traffic Lights and any Object
3. Learn to design LED Dynamic Turn Indicators
4. Create your GitHub Repository

For More Information, don't hesitate to email: rajandhanju9430@gmail.com

Who this course is for:

  • College or University student from Electronics/Electrical or Computer Engineering or relevant Diploma
  • Hobbyist interested in Machine Learning & Image Processing
  • Anybody Who wants to create Embedded IOT Project

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