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React Heroku Boilerplate 2022


React Heroku Boilerplate 2022 - 
Create a React app and Deploy it on Heroku for free. Future courses will expand upon this boilerplate code.

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What you'll learn
  • Create a React app
  • Deploy to Heroku
  • Develop reusable boilerplate code
  • Expand upon boilerplate code

React Heroku boilerplate code for 2022

After the completion of this tutorial series, You will have an easy to update

instance of a React app Hosted live on Heroku.

You will also have boilerplate React code stored on GitHub, ready to be deployed on

Heroku for easy development of additional React based apps.

The end code will also include a server for further development, to

easily implement the MERN stack for the purposes of creating CRUD functionality

if you wish to expand on the code with the subsequent tutorial.

You will be taken, step by step through the process of development, configuration

and deployment of the code and the processes involved for a successful deployment

on Heroku.

This code is designed to be easily expanded upon, whether you need CSS and SASS

integration, Redux integration for storage, or full MERN integration just to name

a few scenarios. These will be covered in detail in future tutorial series.

So if you wish to create, develop and deploy React based app's that you can

display on the web, quickly, easily and for free, this is the tutorial series

for you.

In future courses, we will be continuing to build upon this boilerplate code, as

well as configuring Heroku to work with custom URLS and SSL certificates.

I have attempted to make all future courses as modular as possible to suit your

needs when they are required.

Custom URL and SSL certificate

The next course will focus on configuring Heroku to work with a custom URL as

well as securing the communication between our app and the end user by using an SSL


CSS and SASS setup

From there, we will move onto the next course to further improve the utility of

our react boilerplate code to include easy CSS implementation by incorporating

a variety of libraries directly within our index.html, as npm packages included

in the client side package.json file and be setting up SASS to easily organize

and compile CSS code that can be used throughout your app.

Full MERN stack

We will then proceed to set up the boilerplate code to be able to create fully

functional MERN stack web application, utilizing MongoDB for data storage, more

advanced uses for the Express library to create an API, expanded React functionality

and tying everything together with Node.js

Redux implementation

We will eventually implement Redux as a means to add a store within our react

code for more streamlined development. This will assist in the creation of single

page web applications and allow for easier access to state throughout your apps.

Who this course is for:
  • People wanting to start start web app development, and more experienced developers looking for a simple way to bring a web app to production

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