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Build ASP.NET Blazor apps with a clean structure

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Build ASP.NET Blazor apps with a clean structure - 
Learn how to create clean-structured web apps with ASP.NET Core 5 Blazor (with update to .NET6)

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What you'll learn
  • Build single-page applications with the Blazor framework
  • Learn how to implement a clean structure with loose coupled components
  • See the advantages of using the INotifyPropertyChanged implementation from the MVVM pattern
  • Learn how to use Bootstrap in Blazor WebAssembly applications
  • Learn how to implement and use different kinds of state management

You should have basic knowledge about C#.NET
You should know how to write (console) applications in C#.NET
You should have basic knowledge about web technologies (HTML, CSS)
This course will cover all the basic techniques and mechanisms you need to create sophisticated web applications with ASP.NET Core 5.0 Blazor. You get an overview of the framework and what is essential. After the introduction, we will start writing a Blazor WebAssembly app. The main focus of this course is on Blazor WebAssembly but don't worry. If you want to write Blazor Server apps, you can also attend this course because almost every technique we cover is applicable to Blazor Server apps. In some topics, I will cover the differences between Blazor WebAssembly and Blazor Server.

In some sections, we will go a little bit deeper, and we will examine what is under the hood. If you want to go through such a course very fast without thinking outside the box, this is probably the wrong course for you. Here I want to ensure that you get the techniques you need to write Blazor apps, and you should see why something works in a certain way.

If you are already an experienced .NET developer, you will see some familiar techniques we will use in this course, for example, the INotifyPropertyChanged interface from the MVVM pattern.

If you like the description, then you should enroll in the course!


It would be a pleasure for me to lead you through every section!



Who this course is for:
  • C# developer
  • Web developer
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