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ISTQB Foundation Level 2021 Complete Training

ISTQB Foundation Level 2021 Complete Training

ISTQB Foundation Level 2021 Complete Training - 
The best way to prepare for the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam
  • Bestseller
  • Created by Tarek Roshdy, Nezam Academy
  • English
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What you'll learn

  • ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus Content
  • Black Box & White Box Techniques
  • Difference between Static Testing & Dynamic Testing


This course is a complete explanation of the ISTQB Foundation Level Certified Tester Syllabus.
Once you study the whole course you will be ready to apply for the exam.
Each section in the syllabus is explained in a separate video which makes the learning process easier for the trainee.
All course content is updated to the latest version of the syllabus.
These are some of the reviews of the students who used this course as a source for preparing for the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam:
"Took the exam last Saturday and passed. There are many concepts that were explained here which is not in the syllabus. The examples given helped me understand the concepts better."
Joanne Rufino

"Thank you sir for providing this wonderful course your teaching techniques are good.i got cleared ISTQB exam"
surya walke

"This my first time in a testing career and I came from a field is no longer relate to the software at all but really I am very interested in this course and knowing many pieces of information not only in an academic way but also in real professional life. The instructor is really amazing and the course is very organized"
Ahmed Abdel Aziz

"This is not my first course of this instructor. I purchased this too, because he explains well, with examples and helps me to prepare for the ISTQB exam. Also, he has some ISTQB exams, very well made and very helpful. Thank you. Well...I attempted the ISTQB Foundation level, yesterday, on January 15. I PASSED!!! You explained very good the exercises and questions and I made all of them at the exam. Thank you very much. All the best and good luck."
Elena Herghelegiu

"Thank you very much Eng. Tarek for this course i planned to take the exam for ISTQB FL on 30th of September, 2020
update :-I got my Certification on 4th of October,2020"
Mohamed Seoudy

"As a Mexican (non native English speaker) I totally understood Tarek's accent. All the concepts were easily understandable with the help of his examples. I would totally take another course with him. Thanks, Tarek!"
Jessica Malfavon

"Yes, being an interested fresher in this domain where certification is the key to unlock many doors, this detailed session[s] is helping me build a strong base."
Yogesh Pai

"Excellent Explanation and it is very detailed to deliver the information in a perfect way. Thanks alot Eng tarek roshdy"
Nour Eldeen Mohamed Moustafa

"This course is so useful and important for any one want to begin in this field(software testing) and the instructor make effort to explain every information. I really recommended it for the beginners"
Asmaa abd El-naser Mostafa

"The course is based on the Certified Tester Foundation Level Syllabus 2018. It follows exactly what's written in the Syllabus. Going through Tarek's videos instead of reading directly from the Syllabus makes it easier to learn. Everything is explained properly. Particularly for myself as I'm not from an English speaking background. There are also questions to check your understanding of the syllabus. Overall, this course is great.
Edit January 2021: I passed with success the ISTQB CTFL in December 2020. Thanks for the great work Tarek!"
Ronan Gueguen

Who this course is for:

  • QA Engineers
  • Software Testers
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
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