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JavaScript Master Class for 2022 with HTML and CSS

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JavaScript Master Class for 2022 with HTML and CSS

JavaScript Master Class for 2022 with HTML and CSS - 
Modern JavaScript from the beginning - learn fast with concise lecture, 15+ projects, & 40+ quizzes, HTML & CSS included

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What you'll learn
  • Build 15 real-world projects aimed at helping you fully understand JavaScript concepts
  • Become job-ready by understanding JavaScript core fundamentals
  • Practice your understanding with code challenges and quizzes (solutions included)
  • Animation with JavaScript and CSS
  • JavaScript fundamentals: numbers, strings, variables, if/else, functions, arrays, objects, loops, etc.
  • OOP: classes, constructors, inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction
  • Asynchronous JavaScript: promises, async/await, fetch and APIs
  • ES6+: arrow functions, destructuring, spread operator, etc.
  • Manipulating web pages (the DOM) with JavaScript
  • Debugging with the Google Chrome Developer Tools
  • And so much more!

We will journey through JavaScript by learning only concepts you'll see most often on the job. This allows you to cut right to the meat of programming and enable you to become job-ready faster. No more learning outdated concepts for the sake of learning them. We'll practice with the latest syntax and use best practices all the way through. I take a practical approach by teaching you the tools you'll need to build apps and websites effectively. We will start off by learning basic HTML & CSS. Then we'll jump into the JavaScript fundamentals to give you a solid foundation. Quizzes will be provided after every video to be sure you don't miss a beat. Before we jump into the projects section we'll go into the Tools section where I give you the JavaScript tools you'll need to create any app that comes your way. We'll end off by diving into 15+ projects designed to drill in all concepts learned throughout the course. I hope you're ready to finally get this programming language under your belt because you'll leave this course with a wealth of knowledge of JavaScript and 15+ projects to prove you are ready to put your skills to use in the real world. I'll see you in the course.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner JavaScript learners looking to build projects
  • Recent Bootcamp Graduates looking to solidify their understanding
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