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Master JavaScript in 16 days - Build 16 Javascript Projects

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Master JavaScript in 16 days - Build 16 Javascript Projects

Master JavaScript in 16 days - Build 16 Javascript Projects
The best course to master JavaScript in few hours


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What you'll learn
  • JavaScript Mastery
  • Modern JavaScript
  • Build 16 Vanilla Javascript projects
  • Use JavaScript to impress people

  • HTML5 Experience
  • A web browser
JavaScript is the most important language you need to know as a developer or designer. Wanna learn pure JavaScript without using frameworks or libraries? Follow up with me..

This course was designed to explain to you every single code line typed in the projects with JavaScript from beginner and take you step-by-step to build any project you want to make the customers react like "Wooowww".

You will also get the full support to make sure you understand every single line clearly. Enroll now and look forward to:

Complete JavaScript Course.

Full support in Q&A.

Downloadable lectures to study anywhere.

Downloadable source code.

Save about $1740 by enrolling in this course and get the same content

This course contains 16 Projects (5 for beginners, 7 for intermediates, 2 for advanced and 2 for API).

The 5 beginner projects using JavaScript:


Alarm System

To-Do list

Random Background color

How many numbers between these two numbers

The 7 intermediate projects using JavaScript:


JavaScript form validation

Drum Kit

Strong password checker

Parallax hover effect

Animation On Scroll

Dice Game

The 2 advanced projects using JavaScript:

JavaScript Calculator

JavaScript Quiz app

The 2 projects using JavaScript API:

Google maps using JavaScript API

Weather app using JavaScript API

By the end of this course, you will be having the ability to build any project you want whether with the API or the JavaScript code.

Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to learn advanced Javascript from scratch
  • Students who want to take their programming level to an another level
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