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Create a React Native Mobile App for your WordPress Website

Create a React Native Mobile App for your WordPress Website

Create a React Native Mobile App for your WordPress Website

Use the WordPress REST API to create a React Native mobile app (iOS and Android) for your website through Expo workflow.

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What you'll learn

  • Use React Native to create a mobile app
  • Use Expo to build the app in order to be distributed to App Store and Play Store
  • Use WordPress built-in REST API to fetch the data from the app
  • Use React Navigation to create tabs, drawer menus and navigate between pages


  • A laptop and an internet connection
  • For Windows or Linux users, an iPhone would be needed to test the app on IOS.
  • If you want to build the app without the need to code, this course has a React Native template that can be used with a WordPress plugin to create the app without coding knowledge.
  • Javascript basics, preferably ES6 syntax.
  • React basics are recommended, however I'll try to explain React concepts needed in this course
  • WordPress basics


React Native is an excellent tool for building both android and ios apps with the same codebase. For web developers, it can be even more suitable to build mobile apps as it is mainly based on Javascript. WordPress has also made it easier by providing the built-in REST API. 

So if you are having a WordPress website with basic Javascript knowledge and you want to create a mobile app for the website, this course would be for you.

If you have no Javascript knowledge or you don't want to dig much through coding, this course provides a readymade template that you can use along with a WordPress plugin to create your app.

In this course you will learn:

How to set up the Expo environment to test your app

How to use React Native to build the front-end of your app

React Native main components

Fetching the data from WordPress REST API to our app

React basics as functional components and passing props

React hooks as useState, useEffect, and useContext

How to add a React custom component

Use React Navigation package to adjust tabs or drawer menus or go from a screen to another

Enable or disable the dark mode based on user preference

Store app settings in the device and then get them using AsyncStorage

Styling the app and customizing the style based on the device dimensions or platform

Debugging errors

Publishing the app to Expo and deploying it to the stores

Who this course is for:

  • WordPress website owners who want to create a simple app for their website
  • WordPress developers who want to add a simple app in the services or packages they provide to their clients
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