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Game Hacking With Artificial Intelligence - FPS Aimbot

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Game Hacking With Artificial Intelligence - FPS Aimbot

Game Hacking With Artificial Intelligence - FPS Aimbot

Yolov5 training and detecting, Writing mouse driver, collecting data from inside the games, making AI aiming bot.

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What you'll learn

  • How to Train Custom Yolov5 Model
  • How to Run Detecting Algorithm With Custom Model.
  • How to Collect Data Easily From Inside The Games.
  • How to Label Your Datas.
  • How to Make Mouse Driver With Arduino Leonardo.
  • How to Give Mouse Input To All Games With Programming.


  • Basic python knowledge.
  • Basic information about installing applications on computer.
  • Having Arduino Leonardo and USB Host Shield.
  • Be able to solder (simple level).


Attention Please: The ai model in this course is trained to detects bots only. Cannot be used in online matches.

Rapidly developing artificial intelligence has outperformed humans in the esports sector, as in most sectors.

I think the use of 3rd party artificial intelligence software in games will increase in the future.

In this course we give a simple introduction to this technology.

This course aims to make auto aiming bot at fps games.

This course contains:

how to easily collect data from games,

how to label your dataset,

how to train your custom model with Yolov5,

how to use detecting with your custom model,

how to make mouse driver for be able to give mouse input to all games.

With the mouse driver we have made, you can give mouse input to all games.

I published on udemy all materials used in this course like dataset, scripts, arduino leonardo scripts, trained model.

You can follow course easily with use this materials.

I did not explain the codes I wrote in this course in detail. It would be helpful to have basic python knowledge. It will be beneficial for you to know how to install programs such as cuda and python on your computer.

If you use the techniques in this course, there is a possibility that you will be punished by the game be carefull.

Who this course is for:

  • Tech-savvy people.
  • People who want to learn Yolov5.
  • People who want to learn how to make mouse driver.
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