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Crush it as a Salesforce Developer: Mastering Apex

Crush it as a Salesforce Developer: Mastering Apex

Crush it as a Salesforce Developer: Mastering Apex - Learn how to develop with Salesforce Apex and elevate your current skills to the next level!
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If you are looking to become a Salesforce Developer or increase your current Apex skillset this course is will help propel you to the next level! Designed through the lens of someone looking to learn or increase their skillset. We will cover a wide range of topics that will be used to build on top of each other to reinforce what was just taught. Throughout the course we will learn some best practices and create several frameworks that can be used and iterated to fit your needs.

This course is designed for any and all experience levels, focused on the skills necessary to become a successful Salesforce Developer.

Salesforce Development is so vast that no course can teach you everything you need to know to be a front end and backend developer that is why this course focuses on APEX, SOQL, and SOSL Salesforce's backend languages and trust me there is plenty to learn! Even though the focus is on the backend we will cover how to call Apex from a Lightning Web Component so you can get data from or to a component if need be.

Through my experience and working with many different developers I have identified many topics that most are not aware of which will give you the leg up above others.

There are many topics covered in this course however here is a highlight of some of the topics:

Difference between front end and backend development

Apex Fundamentals

Data Types

Querying data through SOQL and SOSL

Database Manipulation Language

Apex Classes

Apex Triggers

Integrating with other systems through REST Callouts

Best Practices



Extensible Classes

Bulkifying Code

Mastering Salesforce Limits

Calling Apex methods from a Lightning Web Component

Who this course is for:
  • Individuals looking to learn the Salesforce Development
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about Apex, SOQL, and / or SOSL
  • To have fun with Salesforce Development!!!
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